thankful for...

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today, i'm thankful for:

our almighty infinite God. 
the one who creates, who ordains, who directs, who provides, 
who equips, who saves, who redeems, who restores, 
who loves more lavishly than I will ever comprehend. 
the One who sent His son as the atonement for sin, as the victor over death. 
who was and is, and is to come. He who has done great things throughout the ages 
and continues now, in my life and yours. He is good. 
it would be impossible to adequately express thanks [in words] for what He has done for me.

a husband who works hard, today included, doing what he loves. 
impacting lives, coaching football, and providing for our little family. 
who sees me and notices when I've had a hard day. 
who orders me to sit on the couch while he prepares for our guests, 
cleaning, setting up, serving food [yesterday].

a daughter who could not be more precious to me. 
her imagination, the things she talks about with me. 
the way she says "be happy, mama" if I'm less than smiley. 
her mind that is expanding and learning at such a rapid rate I can hardly keep up.
 her beautiful heart that I pray she surrenders to the Lord and His will for her life.

a tiny miracle growing bigger by the day. 
the God of all creation, knitting her together in my womb. 
He already knows her and He's already ordained every one of her days. 
what can I possibly fear when He is sovereign?

an extended family who gathers each year to share a million blessings great and small.
who would do anything for me, who have already given so much. we are blessed.

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and also?
hot water
indoor plumbing
a pantry full of food
an able and healthy [though tired and pregnant] body
a more than adequate home to shelter us, to decorate and nest in, to raise my girls in
music: the most complete way that my soul expresses itself
a sound mind, capable of critical thinking
more than enough of everything I need and even much of what I want
not just one, but two working cars

... and a thousand other things ...

happy thanksgiving!

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