a bunch of random things [a vlog]

okay, before you watch this, i have to tell you: the heavy breathing and not being able to catch my breath? yes, that's normal. i can barely breathe right now, and the photo below will explain it all [31 weeks, today]. doesn't matter if i'm just sitting and talking, walking up stairs, trying to get my daughter into her crib... it's all hard right now. so just ignore the shortness-of-breath. maybe you won't even notice it, but i sure did :)

also? i hate watching/listening to myself. but this is what i sound like and look like [though i didn't finish my makeup today] so there's no getting around it... here goes!


the "danielle" that i mentioned is, of course, from "take heart". here's the specific post i'm referring to that you have to read about what not to say to a pregnant person. and here's where she's hosting a giveaway for a $35 shop credit to blossom & vine [that's my shop in case you didn't know].

[planner is from erincondren.com and this is the cookie recipe that i needed the white chocolate chips for... don't get any ideas, cookie party attendees- that's what i'll be bringing!]


  1. Aw, its good to hear your voice again. Now please tell me how to post a vlog. I want to do one but have no clue.
    Love your deals!You know Im all about those:)
    And Im typing one handed as I type this with our new kitten in the other arm, sound asleep.
    Merry (almost) Christmas beautiful lady!

  2. Hi friend!! Now that I have time off from work (I retired-well for now) I have been able to catch up on all your blogs. You are so fun!Can't wait to see you this weekend...and your super cute baby bump. Can't wait till I look like that :)

  3. I can't watch the video. It says "invalid web address" :(