a change of perspective [free printable]

scanning through my twitter feed the other day, i saw this:

i loved it. don't you? i needed that bit of wisdom that day.
you can read serena woods' blog here
so i created a little printable for myself [by all means, print it out for yourself too!]
and added philippians 1:6 to her quote.
to remind myself that God is not going to abandon me no matter how much i think i've failed
or how much i feel like He must have given up on me by now.
i usually need to remind myself that my feelings are not Truth.
His Word is truth. period.

now of course, sometimes God does rescue us right out of our circumstances,
but we certainly shouldn't expect that every time.
romans 8:28 helps me to remember that no matter what, 
"in all things God works for the good of those who love him,
who have been called according to his purpose."


  1. Oh I love it, Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Right on! And this hits very close to home right now as I have a family member whos totally expecting God to rescue them from a really bad situation when they've rejected Him all their life. Praying for some redemption.
    Happy New Year friend:)

  3. OMG! I'm obsessed with printables lately! And these are some good ones! Thanks!!!