a giveaway. for clean water.

*this giveaway is now closed. thank you SO MUCH to all who donated! we built that well!*
by all means, please continue to donate! the extra money will just go to another well :)

as you can see, this little blog got to 100 followers recently. i sorta missed the boat on the "celebrate-100-followers-giveaway" thing. if that's even a "thing". lots of people do a giveaway when they hit a certain amount of followers, right? i did have a fleeting idea that i would have wanted to do a giveaway in celebration of 100 followers, but obviously i never got around to it.

have you heard about this? Project 320. for the past few years, these gals have rallied together to host a bunch of giveaways on a bunch of different blogs, to build a well for people who have no access to clean water. no access to clean water, you guys. they use their blogs to get the word out and raise money through charity:water to build a well. last year, they built three!

watch this:

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i have a 'lil shop of my own, in case you didn't know, and the hoop art has been quite the popular item these days... [thank you to all of you who have some blossom & vine hoop art hanging somewhere in your home. i appreciate your business so much!] i also have hair accessories, scripture prints, and even a cute yarn wreath. lots of stuff to choose from! anyway, i figured i could offer up a little something for such an important cause. i hope you want to enter!

if you're the lucky winner, you'll win a
$50 shop credit to blossom & vine

here are some of the things in the shop right now:

$50 means you can grab a few hoops, a bunch of prints, some hair accessories, whatever strikes your fancy! christmas gifts? i've gotcha covered. people are snagging up the prints like crazy, for an inexpensive but meaningful and beautiful gift-that-keeps-on-giving... you know, because it's the living and active Word of God framed and displayed in your home? anyway, i hope you decide to give to this incredible cause, and maybe win something awesome for doing so!

to enter the giveaway:

go here to their charity:water page, and donate $10 [or more, but in increments of $10] 
each donation of $10 gets you one entry into one giveaway
[you can enter my giveaway, or any of the giveaways that are linked up at this page]
just leave a comment on this post, letting me know you donated $10
if you donate $20, leave 2 separate comments. $30 = 3 separate comments, etc.
you'll have until sunday december 18 at 9pm [pacific time] to enter :)

think about skipping starbucks this week, or even buying one less christmas gift for someone... even if it's me ;) there's your $10 right there. 

thank you!!

and by all means, spread the word! tell all your friends, post it on Facebook, twitter, your blog... wherever!

*this giveaway is now closed. thank you SO MUCH to all who donated! we built that well!*
by all means, please continue to donate! the extra money will just go to another well :)


  1. Aly, thanks so much for joining with us in this cause! I love your giveaway and pretty much everything in your shop. God Bless! ~Erin@BringingUpBurns

  2. This is my entry! (#6 of 10)
    Thank you for this amazing giveaway for such an amazing cause!|

  3. here's the deal. and this is not an entry. but i wanted to say i love all your posts lately, ESPECIALLY your show-and-tell vlog. that was the CUTEST. so is reese's Christmas dress btw. and your wreath and all of it! but what i hate is that i dont have the time to read all the links you have below, and take in all the wisdom here. i just gotta get offline b/c its making me frustrated at seeing how much i've been missing!! hug.

  4. Beautiful shop! This is my entry 2 of 5.

    -Cassie S.

  5. entry #5 of 6. love your stuff!

  6. Thanks so much!
    #11 of 12