instafriday #8

last instafriday of the year! i wish i had more from christmas,
but i'm so bad about taking pictures! 
let's just say it's because i'm enjoying the moment too much to grab my phone and snap a photo :)

from our christmas eve candlelight service. i love this part.
and then we sing "this little light of mine" :)

daddy reading the christmas story out of the "jesus storybook bible"
on christmas morning. we had her attention the whole time which was so nice!

and this was waiting for her downstairs...
she wanted nothing to do with all the other gifts for the rest of the morning.
we literally had to force her to open them!

i'm going to miss this view, which is probably coming down tomorrow :(

one of her gifts was a build-a-bear gift card. 
[such a good idea, by the way!]
she was adamant about one thing: a purple bear... 
even if there were peace signs all over it.

my mother-in-law added some new mugs to my collection for christmas.
here i am admiring them, and trying to figure out the cutest way to display them in that wall space
i was initially thinking shelves or hooks

but then i saw this hat rack thingy at target. i think it's genius.

i will leave you with my two all-time favorite photos i've ever taken with my phone.
we went on a walk yesterday afternoon. it was a gorgeous day. did not feel like december. 
we have a little park in our neighborhood so i got some shots of reese & daddy playing
with that awesome sunset in the background. 

these are frameable, no? i totally think so!

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  1. definitely framable, i love that first one of the two of them together the most. perfect sunlight!! and that mug collection is just too cute, can't wait to see them hung up!

  2. DOnt leave us hanging on the mug collection. I was very excited to get my first thing/gift ever from Anthro this year...latte bowls:) God bless my mother in law. We dont have stores around here so she ordered them online but I love them.
    I love your mugs. Ive had my eye on some of them. Then I found some identical ones at TJMaxx for alot less and was excited to stock up.
    Happy New Year!