i didn't want to miss my favorite post of the week!?! so even though it's late, here's my last seven days:

you remember how i'm all decorated for christmas? this was my little helper. i'm not kidding, she took each ornament out of the box so carefully and handed it to me to put on the tree.
i was nervous letting her help but it couldn't have gone more smoothly. no broken ornaments!

my daughter is *obsessed* with trains. like, maybe a little bit unhealthily obsessed. so, my hubby's co-worker whose kids are grown, let us borrow this gigantic train set for christmastime. it's one of those that you set up around the tree and it's just magical and nostalgic? my daughter is enamored with it:

"there's baby Jesus, right there. with His family!"
[and if you read this post, you can find out what happened next which was so sweet]

this is right above my fireplace... can you guess what word i'm planning to cover in fabric and put there? yes, "joy" :) unfortunately they're all sold out of "o" at paper-source.com so i'm stuck with a random "to the world" above my fireplace. for at least 10 more days until they restock the "o".
i could get the letters at any craft store, but i really love the font they have here... i'm picky, i know.

sunday morning my little babe was sick [canker sores]... since we didn't go to church, i took advantage of the free morning to go grocery shopping. by myself. on sunday morning. glorious. of course i stopped and starbucks on the way, and of course i took my sweet time :)

on tuesday i had to bring her to my doctor's appointment. as incentive for being really good, i told her we could go eat lunch afterward. she chose "bagel towne" and got a pumpkin bagel [actually, really yummy]. next door is Goodwill. my mom took her inside, and my little thrifter-in-training found herself a "starbucks pot" for her pretend starbucks drive-thru [a little cardboard playhouse. ironically enough she doesn't serve coffee at her starbucks. just apple juice, chocolate milk, and vanilla milk]. anyway, it's her first goodwill find [of many] and she even paid the guy herself. it was the cutest thing.

aaaand this was later that night. she fell asleep in her high chair while eating dinner at 6pm?!? 
of course, she woke up when i tried to put her to bed, but i got her to sleep within an hour. 
it was an nice and peaceful evening for me, which i really needed

this one is from a couple weeks ago. but i just can't get enough of her. she's so beautiful to me:

have a good weekend! we're headed to a football game tonight. 
it's the semi-finals and of course we're hoping for a win, 
otherwise it's the last game of the season :(

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  1. She is such a cutie. I love that she was so interested in helping with the tree. We are getting our tree tonight. I can't wait! Have a great weekend!

  2. So adorable! And that coffee pot she picked is pretty neat.