crafting marathon

most of you know that i'm having a baby in 9 days, right? okay, just making sure.
so i'm definitely in that last-minute-get-everything-done nesting phase.
the furniture still needs to be swapped from my 2 year old's room into the baby's room.
we still have to put together a dresser and storage cubby-thing.
i have a million and ten things that i want to hang on the walls, in both rooms
but my husband doesn't love when i hang things myself...
but he also doesn't want to do it.
[i'll probably just take the reins on this one and just do it myself]

anyway, the nursery is just being recycled since i'm having another girl.
it's the "brooke" line from pottery barn, and i still love it:
owls, birds, trees, lots of color!

i found this stamp at michael's yesterday and fell in love.
i'd been wanting to do some hoop art for her room, and thought this would be perfect.

well, i also needed to make a few things for my cousin-in-law
[you know, the magician who did my maternity photos]
she's having her third boy this summer and she's doing an owl-themed nursery also. 
so i made two sets of three hoops. a boy set for her and a girl set for me. 
i'm seriously smitten.
these photos were taken before the hoops were totally done... 
i'll be taking good photos today and adding them to the shop as a set... so then maybe i'll replace these photos with the good ones later? come back and check if you want :)

while i was on a roll, and while the dining room was already a disaster, i figured i'd finish up this wreath for reese's door as well. the only thing missing is a little chalkboard where that coral yarn is.
i'll write her name, or maybe "hello sunshine" on it, haven't decided. 

this is the bedding she has [photo is annoyingly small]
just so you have a better idea of the color scheme:
from bed bath & beyond
next monday, i'm hoping to have full photos of one of the girls' rooms completely finished
[and maybe the other room the next week?]
so check back for that. i'm pretty excited about how they're going to turn out
although everything is always so much more awesome in my head.
same with you?

oh, and i'm offering 25% off in the shop until i close up shop this friday 
[you know, cause i'm having a baby?] use code BABY25


  1. adorable, aly! praying for you as you get ready to meet your new girl! yay!
    love the hoops.
    and owl always love YOU;)

  2. i love the hoop art! my god-daughter's little room has an owl theme and i have always loved it.

  3. as always, I LOVE everything you do. So pretty. I think hello sunshine is perfect for the chalk board too :)

  4. I love anything owl and all your hoop art. Such cuteness..:)

  5. I LOVE the hoop art! I won a giveaway from your shop a while back and I chose the 'you are my sunshine' hoop art and I'm still smitten with it!! That owl is fabulous, too cute!

  6. love, love, LOVE! can't wait to see your finished nursery.. and get these up in mine :)

    I'm so excited the BOY ones are just as cute as the GIRL ones. Amazing job, Aly.

  7. omg i cannot WAIT to see your finished nursery and of course, see your new little one! LOVE the owl stuff!!! you are just so talented girl! praying for you in these last few days!!! CANT WAIT!!!! :)

  8. you are so talented, girl!
    LOVE the new hoop art!
    praying for you and the baby.
    have a great day! :)

  9. cute! Love the baby girl room! Prayers that the last few days of your pregnancy go smoothly! Hang in there :)

    I'm thinking I'm going to need to order one of your pretty hoops!