instafriday #11

a little peek into our week :)

on our way out the door to my doctor's appointment, i locked the keys in the house. luckily i had my phone. luckily my hubby's job is pretty flexible (though 35 minutes away). he drove all the way home and unlocked the door :/ but while we waited, we made the most of it. played in the car, recorded videos on the phone, walked over to the park. just a nice morning we wouldn't have otherwise enjoyed.

practicing on her own "baby Tessa" (every doll in our house is named Tessa which i think is sweet) we have 12 days until we all get to meet the real Tessa. i'm hoping Reese loves her as much as she's anticipated her.

last friday night i got to go to Target all by myself. of course i grabbed some starbucks and of course i spent way too much time in there. not too much money though, so that's a plus.

how cute are these cupcake liners? 75 for $1.50 at michaels. they had lots of other darling designs too. you should go get some.

if yo'll just let me brag for a second... these little letters were at my mom's house. I handed them to Reese in no particular order and this is how she set them out. she's my genius child.

these things are dangerous. pretty sure i ate the entire (huge) box in 3 days. by myself.

one of the things i bought at target were two step stools for Reese. she is obsessed with being able to see herself in the mirror :) here she was chatting and singing to herself. i love it. and i LOVE this photo.

PS. i'm having a little sale in the shop. everything is 25% off, using code BABY25 
[in anticipation of my new baby who's coming in exactly 12 days!?!]
everything except the hoop art is ready to ship! hoop art ships in 3 business days.

life rearranged


  1. I love how mommy-like little girls are.My daughter can be so easy, gentle and loving with her baby.

  2. She will be quite the little mommy!
    I absolutely love that last picture. So sweet.

  3. That last photo is precious. Frameworthy even! Yay for your hubby coming 35 minutes away to rescue you. Being locked out is no fun. Oh, Target... I get to go tonight, alone, with coffee too!

  4. love how she's learning to care for her baby sibling!

    chocolate covered pretzels are too amazing to be ignored. :o)

  5. So cute! I love the picture of her on the stool in the bathroom! I did a similar capture last week of my two year old boy and love it. So glad I found you!

    I'm your newest follower :)

  6. I love those cupcake wrappers! I got some too! & maybe like five other packages!

  7. Congrats & best of luck on your impending arrival. Reese looks like she'll be a great big sister. Reese & Tessa are the cutest names, by the way. :)

  8. i love to see snippets of your days/weeks :) those cupcake liners are really cute, Im going to have to go and check 'em out!
    and you should be proud of your little girl-that's awesome that she can do that already! that picture of her in the bathroom is just precious. that's one you'll cherish forever. baby is almost here - how exciting!

  9. I love the cupcake liners, and the REESE letters! :)