instafriday #12

lots of pretty things for you today :)

how much do you LOVE this new hoop i got? no, i didn't make this one. 
i haven't mastered real embroidery yet, though it is a long-term-eventual goal of mine.
this is from natalie at "take the cannoli" who blogs here and sells her amazing stuff here.

i love the sunlight in this photo. i had a few minutes of peace
while reese ate breakfast and watched mickey in her high chair.

orders being filled. 
i get such a sense of satisfaction when i look at these all packaged up 
and labeled and ready to go to their new homes!

we finally moved all the crafts and furniture out of the 3rd bedroom.
it was my "craft room" [junk yard, since it was a disaster of a mess most of the time]
but now it needs to be set up for Tessa who comes in 5 days!
so here are all my craft supplies neatly organized and put away in this armoire in the garage.
it makes me happy to look at.

finished up this wreath for Reese's room. 
i know, i already talked about it here
i just love it so much i had to post the photo again!

an excerpt from Jesus Calling. the first few blurred lines say:
"My Peace is the treasure of treasures, the pearl of great price. 
It is an exquisitely costly gift, both for the Giver and the receiver..."
that part about peace being a costly gift for the Giver? it reminds me of this post i wrote last year.

i love that she drank this entire thing. 
and it was kale, celery, carrot, tangerine, & apple.
she kept saying how yummy it was ;)

a few hoops that i semi-customized and sent out to some sweet friends :)

just too cute not to snap this photo, right?
yes that is my front door, yes it's boring, and yes that is 1980's mauveish-pink wood trim.
we haven't painted the exterior yet, since moving in a year and a half ago.
so, we just live with the pink trim and make the most of it.
there are worse/more important things in life.

and that's it! 

i wanted to remind you that i have that coupon code for 25% off in the shop:
use BABY25 at checkout...
the only catch is that i'll be un-listing the hoop art TONIGHT.
everything else that's ready-to-ship will still be there, since it's easy to just stick in the mail
that means prints and hair accessories are still available until next tuesday.
[coupon will be good until next tuesday also]

i'm pretty sure i won't have time to make any hoops once new baby gets here ;)
so, if you were really wanting a hoop to arrive on your doorstep sometime soon
you have to grab it before 6pm [pacific] today- friday january 27

as always, linking up with jeannett
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  1. I love that embroidery hoop! I would love to learn that art as well. And I'm glad you are taking the time to get moments of peace, as I'm sure those days are numbered for awhile. :-)

  2. Stopping by from LifeRearranged...I LOVE the wreath for Reese's room. Gorgeous colors :)

  3. Love. Love. Love the hoops!! I am starting to learn too...I've collected a bunch of hoops from freecycle...can't wait to get started now! By the way, hopping over from Jeannett's. ;)

  4. I love all the hoop art! And that picture of your little girl by the front door is adorable. On a side note, it took us 2 years to paint the outside of our house. Like you said, "more important things".

  5. Very cute embroidery hoop! :)

  6. i love all those hoops! you are so talented!

    i know i've said this before but your daughter is just precious.. can't wait to see a post letting us know about the arrival of your new little one! oh, how exciting! :)

  7. oh man, just saw this. Thanks for the love. You. Are. Precious!