instafriday #9

for some reason i always do two posts on friday. why do i do that? i'm not really sure...
i always want to do instafriday, but then inevitably i feel led to share something else too.

so make sure you scroll down or click here to read what else i wrote today :)
it's my 1 year anniversary of blogging [publicly]. 

now for the photos!

apparently it's 73 in the dead of winter. in the beginning of january. seriously, i love san diego.

how brilliant is kohl's? while everyone's christmas shopping and spending tons of money in our store already, let's give them "cash back" to make them come back in after christmas is over. 
of course i had $30 "kohl's cash" and this is what i bought :)
i just love little baby clothes. and even though i have more hand-me-downs
than should be legal, i want her to have some of her own stuff too.

i'm cleaning out my "craft room" [our third bedroom] to make room for the nursery.
it's amazing how much stuff i've accumulated over the years. ridiculous.
and it's all going into the garage in bins. hopefully it will stay organized.

this was from the other night. why is fire so mesmerizing, i want to know?

my morning routine has included these for the last six days.
replacing lies with Truth, that's my new year's "resolution" if you can call it that.
the logical first step is to feed my mind with and meditate on Truth so there's no room left for lies.

we drove by this the other day. i'm definitely a frequent thrifter, so i'm not making fun of it..
but really, a "boutique" salvation army? not so sure about that one

obviously this was january 4. it was a gorgeous day so we went outside. i read while she drew trains with chalk. so relaxing. oh, and i had some club soda w/ a squeeze of tangerine juice... so refreshing

if you haven't checked out the photos from my maternity shoot, click here

she's the cutest thing ever, in my opinion. she walked out of the office 
holding my camera saying "say cheese, mama! say cheese!"
and believe it or not, she actually looked thru the viewfinder,
pressed the button, and got some photos of me.

do you know about the PostalPix app? well, straight from your phone you can upload any photos 
from your photo library and order prints. they print them and send them to you!
so i got my first order last night and i'm sooo excited about them :)

breakfast this morning: english muffin + egg + avocado
so good. i might have it for lunch too.

that's all folks! have a good weekend!

PS: all those cute patterned frames, and the two photo collages, etc: use the "PicFrame"app. 
the little labels are done with "LabelBox"...

life rearranged


  1. love tessa's new clothes!
    um, boutique store? interesting.
    also, jealous of your yummy looking avocado. the ones we have here are never good.

    happy new year, cute mama!

  2. Great photos! Esp. love the firepit photo (fire IS mesmorizing!) and am slightly jealous of your 73 degrees:) It's been warm here, but not quite that warm! Glad to know about PostalPix as well! xo

  3. It is gotten warm again here too! Have a great weekend!

  4. This is my first instafriday. Nice to find your blog...you and I have the same devotional and the same Bible reading plan :) Happy Friday!

  5. guess what guess what!!?? i got an iphone yesterday for my bd. so i'm finally a part of the club. now as soon as i figure out how the heck to use it, i'll get instagram and find you on it. for now, i'm taking like five minutes just figuring out how to text :) your maternity pics were unbelievably lovely, btw. so proud of you, aly. you're amazing. your girls are so blessed to have you as their mom.

  6. Your maternity pictures are beau-ti-ful!