to my firstborn...

you have one more day to be my baby...

tomorrow morning we'll wake up, we'll get in the car and we'll drive to the hospital,
and you'll become a big sister.
technically, you won't be my baby anymore. you'll be my big girl...

God has equipped you in so many ways to be a big sister.
you are kind and thoughtful and compassionate,
always looking after others and making sure they're happy and comfortable.
you love to help me around the house, and you love little babies.
your family is so important to you.
i believe you will be Tessa's favorite and best friend, almost by default,
and i hope that each day you choose her to be yours too

i pray that you grow to be the kind of girl, teenager, woman that she can look up to.
you love to do right, and you love positive reinforcement.
i pray i can nurture that desire into a love for goodness and mercy and mostly just Jesus.

Tessa will need you.
you will identify with her so much better than we can.
she'll need you when we aren't being fair.
she'll need you when we aren't around.
she'll need you when we don't understand.
i think you're up for the challenge.
and when she's old enough, you'll need her too.
after all, you'll have the same two crazy "old fashioned" parents.
you will "get" each other like no one else can.
you will be her confidant 
and i hope you'll see that as a big responsibility,
but one you feel privileged to carry.

God chose you to be the big sister in our family.
He chose you to be the guinea pig, the one with whom we'll make our parenting mistakes.
i think you have the kind of heart that will extend grace to us, and i'm thankful for that.

you've already told me how you plan to teach Tessa how to walk, stand, crawl...
and play with your Chuggington town.
i hope you discover a wonderful playmate in your sister.
i hope that you will develop a bond stronger than anything else on this earth.
the two of you will share secrets that only the two of you will ever know.
you will love and play and argue and fight and make up and love.
this sister bond has the potential to be the most important earthly relationship in your life.

tomorrow you will wake up and you'll be the big sister.
wear that title proudly.
if you ask, Jesus will give you everything you need to fulfill that calling.

i love you more than you could ever know.
and do you wanna know a secret?
you'll always be my baby, no matter how many more babies join our family.

** every single one of these photos were taken by my cousin-in-law Melissa **


  1. Killing me with the argyle tights! She is so cute and her recent pics look so much like you! I've been thinking about you every day. If I were closer just know I'd be over there with food and helpin hands. I will pray God raises up the ranks of His people to come along side you guys. And I'll pray that His presence is surrounding you and that you will know his peace. Be anxious for nothing my friend!!

  2. can't even handle this right now. way to make me cry :)

    i will never forget laying next to Silas days before Eli was born and bawling my eyes out. Now, I feel that way with Eli.

    No matter what, they'll *both* always be your babies.
    Can't wait to meet Miss Tessa. Praying for all of you!

  3. my oldest loves the name tessa so much that she cried when baby #2 was a boy and we refused to name him tessa. so she named her favorite baby doll that! sounds like your daughter will be an amazing big sister...i hope tomorrow is amazing for your entire family :)

  4. so beautifully written Aly! Love you and miss you friend! Ive been thinking of you and praying for you and your sweet family lately- counting down the days with you! Your girls are so blessed to have you as their mommy! I cant wait to meet little Tessa! Enjoy every moment- even when your an emotional wreck ( I was/am/will be again in 3 months! ahh) There really is nothing like the bond of sisters. XO

  5. looking at this post again and sorta freaking out for you right now!! ahhhhhh! baby time. go go go. well, sleep first. :)

  6. Oh I love this post. So incredibly sweet. Congrats on Tessa! I saw your comment on Mique's blog. Can't wait to hear how it went!

  7. Just found your blog because of this beautiful post and am just about to press 'follow'.
    Wishing you all the very best and so many blessings as you begin life as a family of four.
    I have two girls (6 and 2) so this post was even more lovely for me!
    Charley (from www.mummy2midwife.blogspot.com)

  8. your little one is probably here by the time you read this! yay!!
    your post had me bawling like a big baby but then again your words always manage to do that to me :)
    can't wait to hear all about it..
    you're in my prayers, my friend <3

  9. hot hot tears streaming down my face. Such a sweet post and love how fiercely you love your baby girl. Oh man, this was a good one. Can't wait for baby Tessa photos!