a baby[wise] story: a vlog

so i made a little vlog.

it's mostly about Baby Wise, you know, the book?

i think i mention at least twice in the video, i'm not trying to start a debate about parenting or infant management, demand-feeding vs. scheduling... i don't intend to argue over which is better.

all it is, is me explaining really quick, the basic idea that the book presents about a flexible routine style of infant sleep training and feeding that they call "parent-directed feeding"... it's pretty simple and straight-forward and since i'm right in the thick of it, i figured i'd let you in on the secret.

again, a lot of you probably did things differently and others of you probably did BabyWise like me. some of you gals are expecting your first baby soon, and this method might work for you, it might not. anyway, if you have any questions, please ask! i'm not an expert but i've read and implemented it, and have some experience.

so here we go:


i just wanted to add, this is not gospel Truth. it's just one guy's recommendation for how to establish a routine in your baby's life that will ultimately help them to sleep through the night at a young age. it's the thing that worked for me. there are lots of things that work for lots of different people, and whatever you choose to do, it should be within reason. if something isn't working, change it up a little bit. again, it's not gospel Truth so you don't have to stick word-for-word to a specific parenting strategy nomatterwhat. but if it does work for you, stick to it and claim it!


  1. very well framed. perfect. i definitely picked and chose from that book too. but you're right...it's not gospel truth, and it has always seemed for me and my kids that as soon as I feel the "OH finally we're in a routine!" feeling, something changes. 'cause God is tricky and for some reason always wants me to grow. good job mama.

  2. This is what we do and I didn't even know it was Baby Wise as I haven't read the book! I babysat for a baby who was on the "sleep, play, eat" cycle and I just remembered that and that's what I've done with my Holden....he is still on this cycle at 5 months old! It works great for us!