instafriday #14

might as well start off with this beautiful girl. 
she's awake so much during the day.
i love her sweet eyes
she's even smiling and interacting with us already :)


our second night home, my inlaws took Reese for the night
they brought her home Sunday morning with a box of donuts?!
i had already eaten breakfast, so i had me a little dessert with my coffee and Jesus Calling

yesterday we went to the model train museum in balboa park.
if you're local, have you ever been there?
it's actually really cool.
you've probably gathered that trains are Reese's favorite thing in the entire world?
with these photos, i was experimenting with the blur effect in instagram. i love it.

it was our first big outing since tessa was born, and of course i forgot the stroller. 
it's amazing how many things you have to remember when you go out with a tiny baby
my mom carried her around all day in this thing [i can't technically lift it yet]
the stroller is now in the car. and it will stay there. permanently.

the architecture at balboa is so beautiful.
and that's my miss independent on the left there.

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  1. Your pics are so cute! I love instagram, so fun!

  2. 'jesus calling' and a donut.....breakfast of champions!

  3. i love your pics.
    that pic of tessa is the car seat melts my heart!
    she is so beautiful!
    big sister is a cutie, too!

  4. What a cute baby, and those photos of donuts are really making me wish I had one!

  5. Holy Cannoli cutest baby in the world! SO sweet! So glad it's going well. Been thinking of you!