instafriday #15

it's friday again! here's our week in review:

for her reward, for her good behavior in target, she simply wanted to 
"go look at the trains, but we won't buy anything" :)
works for me!

my husband's football team had a little baby shower for him :)
and he brought the cupcakes home. 
i ate one and threw out the rest. 
i can't afford it now that i'm trying to lose about 30 pounds!
but it was yummy while it lasted.

trying out the no-heat curls that shauna and leslie rock all the time.
shauna did a tutorial here, if you're interested.
the headband i used was bugging me so i took it out early
but you can see it still turned out pretty cute!

how cute are these little cans? i actually gave up soda a while ago, but fell off the wagon.
so i figure if i buy the little cans, at least i don't drink as much?
not a good solution for actually quitting, but it works for now.

last night we had dinner at this little place in cardiff.
we ate outside on the patio, and reese spotted this little boy in the courtyard of the shopping center...
she insisted i let her go talk to him. honestly? she was full on flirting with this kid! it was hilarious.
mostly i appreciated how easily she can make friends with a perfect stranger- a skill i do not have.

i hung a few things in Reese's room the other night. 
it's still in progress and i don't like the left side, but it's finally coming together

i love the rain. a rainy day is always my most favorite day. this is the view out to our backyard. 
i also love that it's free water. we have a lot of grass between our back and front yard.

how cute is this scarf? from target. but i didn't buy it because it was $15. 
$10 would have sold me, but $15? i'm just too cheap.

and lastly, headbands for the baby. 
she didn't really have any, and being a person who sells headbands... that just isn't right!


  1. Cute headband stuff! And Reeses wall looks cute!

  2. i know i've seen all these already, but it's still fun :) have a great weekend. i almost died when you said you threw away those three pieces of heaven from sprinkles. goodness, that's serious willpower.

  3. Woah. This blog may save my life. The hair trick is the coolest thing ever. And Reese's wall looks adorable!!

    p.s. did you order any pics? If so, how'd they print?! Did you get a canvas? I saw an awesome trick on pinterest. You can print a photo on tissue paper and decoupage it on a canvas-- looked super cool! Def want to try that!

  4. oh my word. you are a strong woman to throw out cupcakes. i'm going to look at that curl tutorial right now!

  5. always love your little glimpses. great photos!
    love you!