instafriday #16

i am in love with this photo.
i love that Reese is not only showing interest in her baby sis,
but that she's starting to get protective of her.
anytime she cries, she rushes to get a pacifier to stick in her mouth ;)
and she always wants to make sure "is Tessa coming with us?" when we go somewhere.

new flowers reminded me of this post i wrote last february 
about spring and the promise that it brings

how do you make your broccoli?
well, once you try this, you'll never go back:
spread 'em out on a baking sheet & set oven to 400
drizzle olive oil and salt & pepper and then bake for 10 min
they are to die for, crazy simple to make, and have so much flavor.
 i could eat them every single day and it's pretty much my go-to side dish for every meal
** i use fresh broccoli, not frozen. i just buy the bag of already-cut broccoli from trader joes **

these were my girls at 6pm.
of course once i tried to transfer Reese, she woke up and freaked out about sleeping in her bed
unfortunately, my amazing sleeper of 2.5 years 
pretty much regressed about a month before her sister was born
she hates her bed, her room, and sleeping in general.

this little sea sponge-looking muffin is my new breakfast.
it's super-duper healthy and keeps you full for awhile [lots of fiber] for about 230 calories
see the recipe in the photo below
[you can get the ground flax at trader joes for like $3]

"it is easy to make an idol of routine
finding security within the boundaries you build around your life"
this is word-for-word what i do every.single.day
but i never thought of it that way.
amazing how things that seem okay, and good, and beneficial
can just disguise themselves as idols.
** quote/photo is from "Jesus Calling"**

the fountain at balboa park

on the top is new baby, Tessa.
below that is her big sis, in a photo around the same age, in the same outfit
i think they look alike!
my husband didn't know who was who when i texted him the photo ;)

these things are pretty much the best ever. 
you know, the school / sports teams fundraiser chocolate?

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  1. what book is that quote from? and are you using frozen or fresh broccoli for only 10 min? that texted 'look alike' baby pic is too sweet!

  2. The brocolli looks amazing! The sponge, well, I dont know!

  3. melting over that first picture of your beauties!
    so, so, so sweet!
    and i am totally going to try that broccoli!


  4. The first picture is amazing! I make all my veggies that way. I also like to sprinkle them with parmesan at the end. Everything is better with parmesan ;)