suggested reading #9

do you all know about The Extraordinary Ordinary?
well, i just started reading this week. and oh my goodness, this post is just so true.
and so freeing. it's called "free pass".
you have to read the entire post, but i wanted to quote something that she also quoted:
"the reason we struggle with insecurity 
is because we compare our behind-the-scenes 
with everyone else's highlight reel"
don't we totally do that? especially in blog world, Facebook/social media land?
people are putting out the very best they have onto the internet. just a fraction of their lives.
and then we convince ourselves that's their constant reality...
and when our constant reality [our "behind-the-scenes"] is nowhere close to that, we feel discouraged.
but their constant reality isn't that either. if we could just get that into our heads,
i think we'd experience a lot more joy and contentment with the messiness in our lives,
and a lot less envy, comparison, jealousy, depression, ungratefulness, etc...
everyone has issues. most of us just don't broadcast them all the time.
we choose to share the good [which is good] and keep the bad to ourselves.
don't measure your "behind-the-scenes against everyone else's highlight reel!"

this post called "Remember to Breathe Out" shares a similar message. 
we were created for specific things, given specific gifts and not others. 
why waste your time watching others excel in their giftedness, thinking you need to be just like them? 
God created you to be you, and only you can excel in the area He's gifted you. 
it makes no sense for me to write about fashion, when clearly that's not where i'm gifted. 
i don't need to compare myself with those fashionista gals, 
because it's like apples and oranges, you know? 
we're just different and that should be celebrated, 
it shouldn't be a burden for us to carry. 
we don't need to feel less than, just because we're gifted differently.

"For when mommyhood Frustrates".
oh how i need to think about this more often.
how can we show our kids the Grace that He has shown us?
read this. we need this to be our daily perspective.

and then i'll leave you with this one:
your story matters, no matter how many people are reading,
because it's part of a bigger story.
and because really He's writing it.


  1. Wow, those were all amazing reads. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  2. Yes the girl at the EO is a really great writer. Hers was one of the first blogs I read. She's gifted, and that is a great quote. So true.