instafriday #17

friday night we had an impromptu date night. that's me, on my way.
we just decided to meet up last minute and grab sushi.
so, when the bill came, it was about $35 less than we had calculated in our heads. 
was it happy hour? did they make a mistake? 
nope, they just advertise a certain price, but everything is actually half off....
um, ok?
so that's our new fave place!

we. have. too. many. trains. 
this lil thing is starting to smile and show off her sweet personality. 
here she was flirting with the little turtle above her head, in the play-mat/gym thing...
whatever those are called?

top left: getting an early start on piano
top right: when daddy's in charge, lil miss plays with a football ;)
bottom left: don't you love little girls and painted nails? so sweet.
bottom right: she was super excited to wear mommy's sunglasses. so much so that when i tried to trade her with the $10 old navy ones, she refused. only coach for her.

a nice afternoon at the park. those are my people in the background there. i love them.

i know. most controversial book ever, right?
or more accurately, most controversial parenting topic?
i don't know... i got brave and posted this, about the basics of babywise.
it's a video, so you have to watch all 8 minutes :)

she put on her little crown and looked at me and matter-of-factly exclaimed:
"i'm a princess mama!"
if only i could believe that about myself with as much certainty and clarity that she believes it about herself, you know?

this entry just totally blew my mind. i mean, i know all this already, but i don't live like i know it.

trying on real clothes in target [as opposed to maternity clothes]
i couldn't decide which color to buy... what do you think?
my instagram friends overwhelmingly voted blue
except for leslie. she said coral.

i LOVE a stocked refrigerator/pantry.
and i love going to trader joes. is that weird that i actually look forward to grocery shopping?

this girl is amazing. she just puts these puzzles together all on her own.

i'm trying to eat healthy. as you can tell. 
this was my lunch the other day. and you know what? i was full afterward.
i think there's something about the crunchiness that takes a lot of effort to eat and that helps you feel full.

healthy eating or not, there's always room for donuts. right?
especially baked-not-fried ones.
get this pan at target. $10
by the way, if you love plain cake donuts like i do, 
the secret ingredient that gives it that signature donut taste?
yeah, it's nutmeg... would've never guessed.

i knew i was going to like what was inside these boxes :)
and i was right. matching big sis/little sis dresses. so darling!
my husband has been walking in the door almost every night with some sort of gift
from co-workers, for the new baby. for real. for almost a month!?!
we're having some disciplinary issues... i had to take her kitchen away for awhile.
and her trains, but she earned those back already.

on that note, happy friday!
my husband is on spring break for the next two weeks! yay!

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  1. I'm a Baby Wise believer. All three of my kids have slept through the night by 8 to 10 weeks at the latest. They are happy and well rested and so is the rest of the family. Can't argue with that!

  2. What great pics! And you look beautiful in your Target blouses! They both look fab on you. Have a great weekend.