aaaand more new designs...

MORE new designs are hitting the virtual shelves!

all of them are available as a digital download [here] or as a finished 8x10 print [here]. 

the ever popular "you are my sunshine" print now has a sister :)

you can find the sunshine print [here], the happy print [here], or the set of both [here]

this is one of my favorite verses, and i think it's worthy of a very prominent place in your home.
somewhere you walk by frequently, so that it's a constant reminder:
find it [here]

this one is perfect for Easter, isn't it? inspired by Job.
find it [here]

with all these new designs, i'm trying to clear out the old ones... remember these?

$12 gets you 2 8x10s or 3 5x7s!! see available 5x7s here and 8x10s here

and if you missed the last few "new prints" posts, 
here's a little preview of all the new ones to date.
you'll find them if you head [here]. 
each one is available in many different colors [as shown in the listing photos] 
and they ship out within 2 business days! what are you waiting for?!

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