the big plot: [young love part 4]

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his birthday was october 29, not too long after we became "official".
another chance to see the whole family.
but it was getting easier each time, and besides, 
they were some of the nicest people you could ever meet
and none of them were shy.

i got him a quicksilver t-shirt for his gift. lame.
that was the hardest part about it.
what do you get someone you've only known for 2 months
but he's your boyfriend and you should be able to think of a really awesome gift?

that same weekend there was a halloween party.
yeah, remember how i said i was socially awkward and hated parties?
especially dance parties?
it was a dance party.
my saving grace? he had broken his shoulder a few weeks earlier
and had three pins sticking out and couldn't do much.
we went to the party but we didn't have to dance. yay!

however. i had no idea about the huge plot that was taking shape behind my back.
my friend heather and his friend travis had come with us to the party
and they were coming back to Joel's house afterward to watch a movie.
they had it all mapped out.
we'd walk in through the garage door and they would walk through ahead of us.
and then joel and i would stop and....
yep. you guessed it.

he kissed me!?!
for real, full on, grown up kissed me.

i was nervous but relieved.
earlier that week at volleyball practice, our senior setter was teasing me that we hadn't kissed yet.
i guess in senior-land you did that before you even made it official? not me. no way.
three weeks even seemed like a quick turn around!
no matter what, it was a relief to finally get it out of the way.

the days went on and we were falling fast.
talking on the phone every single night for hours and hours.
our cordless phone battery was dead every morning.
my parents were less than thrilled with that.
add to that the fact that i am the worst at waking up early, and was staying up late every night...
not a recipe for successful mornings.
mornings are not my friend in the first place, but it was bad in high school.
[i actually got suspended, saturday school, detention all.the.time for tardies. 
but only ever in 1st period because i could not get there on time.]

considering my parents probably didn't want me in a serious relationship to begin with,
they didn't love the phone talking. they'd knock on the door and tell me to get off the phone and i'd whisper that i was already asleep... i'm not sure how i thought they should believe me.
they could clearly see that the phone was in use by looking at the base in the kitchen.
oh well, i wasn't thinking it through, obviously.
now that i think about it, they could've totally been eavesdropping.
[mom? anything you need to tell me?]
joel had his own line in his room [i know, totally cool] and i'm not sure his parents were too concerned with his phone talkage anyway. it's so funny how parents are way more strict with daughters than sons, isn't it? friends that have both daughters and sons, please enlighten me.

now that i'm off on a tangent... i'll make you wait until next time...

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