facebook and zazzle

hey friends! so i'm officially on Facebook... not me personally, but blossom & vine. right here.

would you mind heading over there for a quick sec and clicking "like"? i would be so happy!! 
[there's a coupon code for you over there, just look at the very top left]

and then take a little look at these new prints. i can't stop:

i know, technically this isn't brand new... 
but i changed the regular stripes to chevron stripes and it's just so much more awesome.

so don't forget to "like" the fb page
i'm thinking some kind of giveaway will be in order when we reach 100 or something fun like that. 

the other cool thing, that you may have recognized over on the sidebar, is that you can now buy my designs through zazzle.com. i have a store, and you can get cool stuff like mugs, poster size enlargements, canvases, necklaces, iPad cases, magnets... and SO much more, all with blossom & vine on it. i have to say, the website looks a little cheesy and can be hard to navigate, but just look how awesome this stuff is. just order from there, and they ship it to you!

** if there's something you really want, but you don't see it in a certain design, just let me know! 
i'll add it to the store for you to purchase :)

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