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instafriday #21

i think i've missed the last two instafridays, so i've got three whole weeks here for you!

all these faces are too sweet.

easter basket and easter egg hunt. she kept asking about the easter bunny though. i told her he had lots of eggs to hide, so he couldn't stop and say hi. she wondered why he leaves eggs and not carrots. 
good question!

i've been eating a LOT healthier [more on that next week] and juicing everyday. i do feel better and have a lot more energy... the weight, however, is not falling off like i thought it might. 
oh well, that wasn't the real point of me doing it anyway.

my girls on Easter. what a relaxing day!

this is a recipe i tried the other day for a bar-type breakfast thing. i like them, but both my husband and daughter spit it out! so, if you dare, here's the recipe
[i omitted the brown sugar and used applesauce. i also added some flaxseed meal to it.]

love my new necklace from the honey pot.
it says "i sing because i'm happy. i sing because i'm free"
and she has lots of others.
resurrection rolls, Easter morning. 
she kept reminding me that the tomb was empty and marshmallow Jesus is alive!

someday those little feet will touch the ground. seems like it's going too fast.
a princess party with all the girl cousins in our family. they had a blast!

hung some prints in her room. LOVE how it looks, except that i need to figure out what to put below in that huge blank space. nothing too tempting since she'll be able to reach it from her bed.

she hates dressing up in pretty dresses... but oh does she LOVE shoes. 
i think that's cute. just girlie enough, but not too much.

my sweet girls. i love them.

picnic at the neighborhood park. so necessary. even if those bushes were swarming with bees.
i've never been stung [knock on wood] so i could be allergic and not even know it!

oh, and just because i'm feeling generous, 
i'm offering 25% off in the shop this weekend.
use code WEEKEND :)


  1. Your girls are so precious! I have just fallen in love with ground flax seeds too! I make a breakfast mush out of it mixed with some almond milk!

  2. Your photos are amazing! Love the wreath, love the mug, LOVE the chalk drawing, but I think I love that princess party most of all! Such a precious moment to treasure :)

    Happy Friday!

  3. Love your sweet girls! My girl has the same exact "bonjour" shirt with the doggie riding the bike. Love it!


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