don't apologize for it: some thoughts on creativity

if you follow me on instagram, you may have seen these last week?

custom hoops for a beautiful friend, that i am totally in love with. so much so, that i added them to the shop! the lace peeking out is my fave, and the stitching up the edge just adds that extra sweet touch, doesn't it? personalize to your child's name and birthdate, or choose a totally different phrase. doesn't have to be for a bedroom or nursery. regular walls are okay too :)

and i love this one too, don't you? i had originally made it for my own home, but a sweet friend snagged it up after i posted on instagram. you can buy one too, right here.

those days where i just have uninterrupted crafting time are my absolute fave. and not just because it's fun. but because i truly honestly need that time. my mind needs to decompress and pour out in a way that is different from my daily grind. i love my girls and i love my home and i love my husband and i really do feel blessed to take care of all of them, but i also have a brain and a heart that completely thrive on creativity. 

i didn't realize i was wired this way until a few years ago, but now that i know? i crave it. and i allow myself to nurture it without feeling guilty. if i'm describing your creative heart, too, then you should do the same.

yes, the dishes are usually still in the sink, and there's still a pile of laundry in the garage. but it's when i feel like i'm about to break under all of it that i take the time out to be creative. after i get some creative time in [even though i could go forever] it's like i'm refilled and i can tackle the dishes and laundry with a happy heart and renewed strength, because i recognized what i really needed and i nurtured it. 

it makes all the difference! so if that's you, i give you permission to do the same :) God created you that way, so don't apologize for it! it is not a waste of time or energy, it's precisely the thing that He has wired you to love, and yes, it is absolutely a form of worship! embrace it and nurture it and see what comes from it. i don't think you'll be sorry.


  1. You made that for YOUR house?! I feel a little bit bad about that. But not bad enough to give it back ;)
    Love it, and all your stuff. Glad you got some crafty time.

  2. Those are beautiful! Thanks for this, I always feel guilty crafting. I seriously new to start back up.

  3. Love these! And I love what you said...it's so easy to feel as if I don't "have time" to do anything creative, but it really is essential to keeping my sanity. Thanks for the encouragement to sometimes leave the "important" stuff for later and do what I truly enjoy!

  4. Hi, I'm here from FB in the Ordinary's hop. I absolutely adore those hoops. They are gorgeous. And I totally understand about needing to be creative in order to deal with stress. Sometimes it's the only thing that keeps me going. I say do what works for you!

  5. Love, Love, Love, Love. What an awesome reminder. We were created by our Creator to create! We were made to work and see results and it absolutely is a form of worship. I need to take more time during my week to do just that. I find that when I don't, I get so burnt out.

    ps- those hoops are ADORABLE!

  6. What prettiness! Visiting from Bits of Splendor.

  7. I totally hear you on the needing your own time to just be creative and decompress from the daily grind. I love my job, my home, my family, but I'm the same- I sometimes need something that has NOTHING to do with any of those things.

    Just foudn your blog and I love it and plan to stick aroudn! Adorable!

    new follower :)

  8. Yes totally agree! It's good for us mama's to have our creative outlet. And I totally agree that it can be an act of worship also. Loved this Aly.