free printable [July]

i thought it would be fun to start offering a free printable every month. what do you think?

this was inspired from Sunday's She Reads Truth devotion. we're going through "Living the Surrendered Life" in the YouVersion app. on day 11, the author set out to change our thinking when it comes to the popular sentiment "follow your heart". i've always been uncomfortable with this saying, because Jeremiah 17:9 tells us that the heart is deceitful above all things, doesn't it? anyway, i was relieved she mentioned it and reminded us that instead of following our hearts, we should be guarding our hearts [proverbs 4:23] because everything flows forth from it [luke 6:45].

in case you need that reminder too...


or coral:

two more things and then i'll let you go...

1) i have two new prints in the shop! "Trust in the Lord" and a loooong-overdue redesign of "Fruit of the Spirit".

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  1. i think YES! i saw your comment on danielle's blog and so now i'm like ALL OVER your printables!! i can't get enough of these!!

    and "free" just sounds so beautiful in my little poor college brain!!

    1. oh, yay! I wasn't sure if my comment ever got posted!? so glad it did :) I seriously loved what you said! might as well start gleaning wisdom from us crazy mamas before you have kids. you'll be a pro by then ;) enjoy the print!!

  2. Thank you for the printable! Really that is so perfect! I am excited to share them with my friends too!

  3. These are adorable and I absolutely love your store! Definitely need to make a purchase soon!