instafriday #22

ahhh, it feels good to be back.
it's been a long time since i've dumped my insta-photos on you! 
so here we go:

my mug swap arrived :) it is so cute, and honestly, this is exactly the kind of reminder i need in the morning.
the baby has been waking up at 5:30. it's still dark out. and she doesn't go back to sleep after her bottle :(
i need to see it as an opportunity to be thankful, spend time with the Lord, and rejoice... 
instead of stumble and groan and wish for more sleep.

i'm making a bunch of these cute headbands this weekend. 
hoping to have them for sale next week. 
aren't they cute? and super-fallish.
 i've never been one to pay too much attention to the trends, 
or the pantone fashion colors [because honestly i don't have the money. or desire.] 
but i do see some tangerine tango and bright chartreuse in these ;)

for each grandchild, my husband's family has an ice-cream party tradition at their 6-month birthday.
tessa [who is not almost 7 months old] had hers the other night. 
you can't tell, but she was yelling at me in between bites. 
i guess she likes ice cream.

opening up her gifts at the party. 
a hand-made owl from grandma :)

my big girl has officially started preschool. where does the time go?
she has the perfect personality for school.
follows the rules, LOVES the routine, and i'm pretty sure she'll be the teacher's pet every year.
is that still a thing?
[her dress is from Target's new "disney" line. no disney characters anywhere, just cute]

she's just cute. that's all

trying out a new method for my to do list. 
i've stuck with it this week, but i also have four other regular lists going.
i cannot help myself. i'm a list person

i read this the other morning. and it reminded me of this post.
peace, at our disposal anytime, if we would just focus on HIM instead of our circumstances.

finally finished this custom order. this wonderful gal commissioned these the very weekend that
my computer crashed and wouldn't do a thing. she was so so so patient with me.
i finally got them finished on borrowed computers
[and have one on loan to me right now from my brother-in-law. thank you guys!]

i taped myself up a big wall-o-Truth. it's cute gray striped washi tape holding up those babies. 
my husband absolutely hates it [sorry babe] but i think it's so convenient!
no holes in the walls, no frames to buy, and easily interchangeable...

this was the state of my dining room table yesterday...
i don't have an "after" photo, it's still in progress.
but at least it's a teeny bit more organized right now.
my husband bears with me. 
but i think i took advantage of his kindness for a little too long ;)

that's it! off to our first football game of the season tonight.
excited to introduce little Tessa to what fall is all about in this family :)


  1. i love targets disney line for girls....super cute! i'm not a huge fan of character clothes and whatnot. and my dining room table has been known to look like that too. i'm so glad that i have an understanding husband when my hobbies take over our home!

  2. Your girls always look adorable, cute dress. Love those headbands. The kitchen table is where I do all my sewing, drives my hubby crazy to see my mess.

  3. so cute! i love target's new line. super girly and no yucky characters to be seen! :)