just the girls [a photo shoot]

i never thought i'd be a mom of girls, to be honest with you... 
for some reason, i just pictured myself having all boys. 
longing and wishing for that girl? absolutelybut just never actually having one. 
well i was wrong. obviously. and i'm so glad... i'm sure boys would be wonderful, 
but that would mean i wouldn't have these two beauties:

melissa always sends me the photos just a few hours after she takes them. 
honestly, i just looked through them and stared. and then cried. 
and then just could not believe these were my babies.
 sometimes it's hard, during the daily grind and busy-ness of life to really see what we've been given. 
photos like this, that are so gorgeous you can't look away, really put it all into perspective. 
this is where i want to be. always.

i don't love jumping into the shoots, but i do it anyway. because melissa always convinces me to, and because i know i'll beat myself up in ten years if i didn't have any photos with them... 
no matter how many pounds i think i still need to lose!

as always, the photos are c/o my cousin-in-law Melissa Sniff. check her out here and here, especially if you're in san diego area. you need updated family photos for your christmas cards, right?? she's your gal :)


  1. they are so beautiful, aly!! you are such a blessed mama.. :)

  2. Oh my word your girls are adorable!! Great pictures!

  3. Oh my goodness they are so sweet!

  4. These pictures are AMAZING! So beautiful.