hello fall. [and a big sale]

it's no secret that i love fall. it's hard to love the fact that it comes on september 22, though, when you live in southern california. it's still in the high 80s and 90s here so it definitely doesn't feel like fall. but, i'm still ordering my chai latte in the spirit of fall, to get myself ready for it ;) 

some fall-ish things that make me happy:

and since we can't let it go by without celebrating, how about a sale through the end of september?

this is unprecedented, friends. that's 4 prints for less than $30. don't forget about the kingdom collection, too. those are all on sale! nothing is left out, everything's free game! 

[if you buy more than 4 prints, use the "4prints" code for 40% off your entire purchase]

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