new hand-drawn prints in the shop

i've always wanted to be a "real" artist. you know, one that can actually draw the things onto paper that i see in my head? well, one day i just started doodling in my bible study journal, on my chalkboard, with any available piece of paper and free moment i could find. it got addicting. 

and now i have six prints in my shop that i've drawn myself. it feels like birthing a new baby, yet somehow i feel really vulnerable. probably because i really want to be a real artist and i don't know if this counts. i know. i'm crazy but it's this strange feeling that i'm evolving and growing in an area i would have bet you money i'd never be good at. i still wouldn't call myself an artist, but i do really like these little prints i've made. it's a weird feeling. but i hope you like them as much a i do :) 

i have at least 3 more coming soon, and a few more dreamed up in my head...

monday only, take 25% off for labor day using ARTIST at checkout


  1. i absolutely love your drawings!! I think they are so sweet and creative! keep it up girl!!

  2. you ARE an artist :)
    and i adore you and your beautiful work! xo

  3. I love your drawings! You are such an artist :)

  4. i think you're an artist. for sure. :) love them!! :)