a bit of this and a bit of that

1) if you have a Trader Joes, hurry over and buy this coffee today. it smells incredible, is sooo tasty, and it's organic. seriously, you can't beat that. coffee is one of the most important things to buy organic, actually, in case you care about that. something about beans being sourced from lots of different places in the same package, and there's no way to really know what kinds of practices are used with each different source. when you buy organic/fair trade, you know they're all from the same place and grown organically. fun fact.

sidenote: i'm a sucker for packaging. and everything at trader joes is fun to look at. how cool would it be to design their labels? seriously who has that job, because i want to steal it.

2) made my fall wreath. loooove how it turned out. my friends heather and laura posted similar ones and i totally copied them. i added the chalkboard and bow and leaves to make it my own. i'm just finding it very unfortunate that it's outside on my door and i don't get to stare at it all day long.

3) i'm loving how this frame looks wrapped in fabric strips. before i wrapped it, it was half-way spray painted white and hanging proudly on the wall. unfinished. i think it looks much better this way.

for the other two frames that you see in the photo, i covered the mats in fabric. 
that's a fun look too, and really simple.

4) i have some cute little october/fall/halloween headbands for sale. they aren't in the shop, so just email me if you want one, or leave a comment. alysonrallen {at} gmail.com

let me know what size headband you need. available as clip also. shipping is free. 
oh, and i have four of the #1 felt bows available...

5) this is my absolute favorite thing to eat in the fall. simple and delicious. i'll be making some to bring on the women's retreat. treats are always a great ice-breaker, am i right?

6) lastly, i've been adding birth announcements to the shop. here are a few:


  1. Love the wreath!!! Also, I too, just discovered the magic of wrapping frames with fabric. Way easier than paint, and it's such a fun look. :)

  2. Your wreath is so sweet! I loved Heather's too. I am thinking I may squeeze that project into my weekend. My little cup print your sent me is on my mantel. I love it. :)

  3. beautiful photos! I love the wreath and frame :) I need to try that with an old frame to give it an update!