the people right in front of you

there's nothing quite like a rainy morning. we always open up the window and listen to the rain and lay in bed a little bit longer. the cool air and the smell. mmmmm the smell of rain. it just smells fresh and new and promising. plus it signals that fall is finally letting her guard down for us.

i do love the rain, but sometimes it's a bummer when it rains on your pumpkin patch plans [say that ten times fast]. that's what happened yesterday. we'd planned for a few weeks to head up to the pumpkin patch with some friends, but the minute we woke up, it was rainy and the forecast said rain all day long. we'd been looking forward to it, but i was not excited about the prospects of wetness and muddiness with the kids, so we decided not to go.

i was bummed, not because i needed to go to the pumpkin patch so badly, but because i crave quality family time. something other than sitting around the house, since that's what we do most of the week. i always feel bad for my husband because he's gone all week, works very long hours, and wants to relax and be home during the weekend. and i want the opposite. it's always a push and pull, compromise for both of us, but when we head out and do something as a family? there's nothing better.

so, the pumpkin patch was out, but we headed to brunch instead. after brunch we walked through Barnes & Noble and picked up a few Strawberry Shortcake books for Reese, and then headed home for some football. i just loved that it didn't matter our plans changed. it didn't matter we had a hard morning getting the kids ready and that Reese was exhausted and having meltdowns all day long. it just mattered that we were together. life really is about relationships, isn't it? and sometimes you take for granted the people right in front of you, but the days you really see them, really appreciate them, really soak it all in? those are the best days.

the icing on the cake: i got to do my grocery shopping on Sunday night which is always a treat for me. having the refrigerator stocked and the meals planned and everything ready to go for the week is huge. plus i went by myself, so that was obviously a bonus.

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