Christmas! [plus free printables]

the Christmas season has finally arrived at our house! the tree is up, gifts are being wrapped, and the advent calendar is printed and hung!

the only thing i have left to do?
to give YOU a little gift, of course! 

FIRST: here are a few 5x7 [and 7x5] christmas printables for you. yay!

SECOND: every order from the shop today through December 15th [the last day to buy for Christmas delivery] will receive this little extra (5x7) tucked in their order! so while you're buying gifts for family and friends, you get a little something free for yourself :) [of course, you could give this one away and keep another for yourself. i won't tell] you don't have to enter any code, it just appears. little elves or something, i guess

inspired by yesterday's post... and yes, i did a quick redesign in case you were wondering :)

and don't forget:
25% of all proceeds go straight to the American Red Cross for hurricane Sandy relief. 

so that's it. hope you all have a lovely weekend!

* oh, and the winner of The No Brainer Blog eBook is Lauren! [email me: alysonrallen @ gmail.com]

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  1. These printables are ca-ute! Also, a little birdie told me you and I will be together next November. Eep!