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natural living: when i'm sick

'tis the season for sickness and germs. i guess you've gathered, if you've been around for very long, that i don't really do traditional medicine? special occasions do call for it, but most of the time i prefer natural remedies and vitamins, and i honestly believe they work better.

people ask me all the time what i do when i'm sick. well, here it is:

1. gargle with half hydrogen peroxide/ half water as soon as i feel it coming on. about 4 or 5 times a day or until the sore throat eases away, which is usually within a day, if i catch it soon enough. i think it just kills all those germs that are waiting to attack you.

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2. bombard my system with vitamin D and vitamin C. vitamin D is a miracle, i believe. it comes right from the sun, just the way God designed it... but if you think about it, flu season is always during the winter months when there's not a lot of sun to be had. so, i take it in softgel form daily. but if i feel i'm getting sick, i will up the dosage. if i AM sick, i will crank up the dosage even higher. [i've read that the Carlson brand is the best you can get. and here are the drops i use for my kids]

3. drink a million gallons of water. this one seems pretty self explanatory. 

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4. drink lots of hot tea. organic, caffeine free. add some honey and lemon if i really need it. really just for soothing, and another way to get water down.

5. pull out the neti pot.  i actually hate this thing, but it works. i feel like i'm drowning, it's such a dramatic scene. i'm a baby sometimes. but after a few minutes, my whole sinus cavity is clear and i can breathe again.

6. tea tree oil. put just a few drops onto your finger, and then pat it right outside your nostrils. maybe a drop on your tongue too if you can handle it. [it's great for clearing up skin blemishes, too. and it's anti-baterial and anti-fungal]

7. cut out any and all processed foods and sugar. eat lots of raw fruits and veggies instead. blend a bunch into a smoothie, juice them, whatever it takes. but no sugar allowed. it completely shuts down the immune system, leaving your body defenseless, and offense-less (?) to fight the sickness that's attacking. 

truth be told, i rarely get sick [knock on wood?], but when i do, it never lasts long. these remedies knock it out before it really gets going. i'll take actual healing over masking-the-symptoms any day, wouldn't you?

* revised & edited from the archives


  1. great tips! I have never tried a neti pot, but I want to! I am pinning this post for later :)

    1. awesome! yeah, the neti pot is scary at first but it really does work!

  2. Look into Elderberry Syrup! I swear that just helped my son get over the flu MUCH more quickly. But I swear by the neti-pot, tea tree oil, and vitamin D & C also! I'm loving these posts!

    1. YES! thank you so much for the elderberry tip! hoping it works wonders for my coughing girl today :)

  3. i'm terrified by the mere thought of a neti pot. i've heard that it's amazing as far as the results by a bunch of folks but i can barely handle nose spray (used only under the most dire of need!) so i'm thinking it would be disastrous with a neti pot :) i'm definitely a big fan of vitamin C!

    1. yes, the neti pot is a mind-over-matter kind of thing. i put it off until my husband finally forces me to use it, just because he knows it works! so it's not my first choice either, but you can do it!

  4. I feel a slight tickle in the back of my throat. Busting out my Neti pot and getting ready to battle whatever is trying to make me sick. Thanks for the tips!


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