behind the print: mighty savior

this print is dear to my heart because it's the first verse my daughter ever memorized. she was two years old and i'm sure i was the only one who could understand her, but she really did memorize it perfectly. the first verse, anyway. here's the proof captured on video.

i initially chose this verse for her to memorize because i wanted her to know from an early age that God is always with her, and that He can handle anything. as she has grown, it's become apparent that this was exactly the verse for her. even at 3 1/2 years old, she struggles with fear. she's scared of the dark, she's scared to be in her room at night alone, she's scared to walk upstairs by herself [even during the day]. each night i remind her Who is always with her, even when i'm not. i don't want to raise her to be dependent on me, because i will let her down, i will not be with her every second of her life, and i just can't fix everything. but God can be and do all those things. He is her perfect Father, more present and more powerful than i can ever be, and plus He loves her infinitely more than i do. i tell her that almost daily. i just pray her little heart knows its true.

she memorized it in the NIV but i designed the print in NLT because i love the way it flows. i think i may have her start over in this translation. "with His love he will calm all your fears"? that's just what she needs to write on her sweet little heart for those moments when fear whispers lies in her ear.

the whole passage is completely beautiful, and doesn't it just remind you of how much God loves you? the fact that He delights in you, rejoices over you, calms your fears, and actually chooses to live in you? it's pretty mind-blowing.

buy it here. just for the rest of this week, i have it marked down to $11


  1. Aly! Love the verse! Love the kid! That video is ALL kinds of precious!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm LOVING your new prints! And I seriously love this one. Hoping to buy some soon :).

  3. LOVE this print, Aly. And I'm really sad to admit that I hadn't even thought of teaching my daughter scripture yet! But she is totally ready. I think we'll start with this verse. Thanks for the inspiration. :) :)

  4. this is my favorite verse. at least one of them. (i have many favorites) but this one I have memorized in the NIV version. and i quote it often. I just LOVE how the Lord will quiet you with His love. I can just see His love wrapping around me and quieting all the lies I believe, the self doubt, fear, and anxiety. His love drowns out the noise! AMEN and AMEN!

    I just bought this print!!!

    Thank you :)

  5. i too love this verse. the lord gave it to me while on a trip in Guatemala. I am so glad i bought it from you a while back. it hangs where i see it first thing every morning!