natural living: coconut oil

do you know about coconut oil? it's useful for so many reasons, i probably could never list them all. but i'll tell you what i use it for regularly:

i use in on my face. every single day after i wash my face, this is my moisturizer. dead serious. all its own, this is what i use. its in solid form most of the time, almost looks like wax, but i just grab a tiny little chunk and it melts with my body temperature as soon as i start spreading it on my face. it really works, and i know you're thinking you'll break out? but i have some of the worst skin there is, and it actually stopped me from having breakouts. using something completely natural, just one ingredient, as opposed to a commercial product filled with all kinds of yucky chemicals did the trick for me.

i use it to "butter" our toast. for real. for me and for my kids. there are a million reasons why coconut is an amazing food, so i figure if i can get a good portion in us every day or so, that's a good thing. somehow my daughter never realized it wasn't butter, i guess the bread masks the slight coconut-y taste.

i use it for diaper rash. and it really works. if i'm out and about, i'll use the regular old stuff, but when i'm at home i definitely grab the coconut oil. same reason as using it on my face- if i can use a one ingredient wonder as opposed to chemicals? i'll choose that every time.

i use it sometimes for cooking or baking. this one is tricky because i don't love the coconut taste with everything. like eggs. i don't like it with eggs. but with desserts and sweeter things, it tastes fine. so when something calls for vegetable oil, substitute coconut oil and you've done yourself and your body a huge favor.  i usually get it to room temperature first, by melting it just a bit, because it doesn't always work well at its solid state.

i use it for my homemade deodorant.  if i've said it once, i've said it a thousand times: less ingredients, better for you. naturally occurring ingredients as opposed to chemicals, better for you.

honestly, just get some and have it on hand. anytime you think it might work, try it -- it probably does! you can find it at health food stores, trader joes, some regular grocery stores, and of course trusty 'ol amazon.com.


  1. I completely and thoroughly love coconut oil for all of the same reasons. It's a miracle worker, really.

  2. I've heard that - while coconut oil has good properties too - it's loaded with trans fat! Way more than say, extra virgin olive oil. Is that true? I'd like to try it as a hair conditioner, but not sure if I'd be willing to eat it if the trans fat thing is true!

    1. hmmmm. i've never read that anywhere. i know it has saturated fats, but those are really good for you when they come from a good source like coconut or avocado, etc. i've only ever read that it's basically a super-food. if you click on that link on "for so many reasons" in my first sentence you can read all about it! definitely use it in your hair, though, if you're skeptical about eating it! i'm sure it will do wonders!

  3. This is a great resource, Thank you so much for doing the research.


  4. I LOVE coconut oil! I use it on my hair and it is FANTASTIC. My hair is completely different since I started using it. Its color is more viberant and it no longer gets staticky. There's more volume and bounce to it and it feels like silk!

  5. i'm a fellow coconut oil lover!!! what a beautiful little tree nut God created! I'm a new follower. Saw your work over at Space for Joy!!! Very cool. I love the print outs for the home <3 XO