things i heart [a giveaway of sorts]

well happy valentine's day, friends! 
i know there's been a lot of shop talk this week, but i'm pretty sure you'll like today's topic! just in case you've had your eye on one of the new designs this week, i wanted to sweeten the pot a bit.

in honor of valentine's day, i put together a box of my favorite things, some that i collected myself, and some that i begged my favorite friends to send me so that i could share them with you. 

every single order that was [or will be] placed this week, monday thru friday, will be entered to WIN a whole box of....

what's in this box of things i heart, you ask? well, i'm glad you asked. brace yourself:

Hannah from Happy Days has included these beauties from her shop

Laura from Splendor Shop sent this. how much do you love arrows right now?

Alyson from Vintage Sunshine sent over my favorite hoop ever
[except the colors are different than the one pictured here]

Kirtley of The Ink Hotel crocheted this incredible cowl that i want to keep

and then i'll be tucking in a few little goodies that i wanted you to have [from target, of course]

again, every single order placed this week will be entered in to win this giveaway. 
even if your order has already shipped, you still qualify! i'll announce the winner Monday February 18!

if you haven't bought anything yet, and you're thinking you better get on it? 
use code LOVEDAY for 15% off today only :)


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