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an appointment with the park

the aroma of roasted peppers marinating in the fridge is wandering into my little office.
baby's asleep and i'm at the computer. 
laundry is churning in the next room over [okay, the garage]
i'm looking at my to-do list. 
i'm totally a list girl.
my daily to-do list is usually only 3 or 4 really important things that absolutely have to get done. 
because there are so few, they usually get done.
i have completed two of the three items on my to do list today.

the third? go to the park for at least 30-45 minutes

last night, my husband and i sat in the jacuzzi and relaxed. 
just chatted. 
about everything and nothing. 
and we got to the subject of how the day went... 
[it wasn't a good day, so there was some good material]

like most husbands, he's always taking my problems and handing me solutions, instead of just listening.
this night was different though.
he listened and listened, and acted like he totally got me.
things like:
i work part time. 
i work right in the middle of the day, so it's hard to plan things with friends
sometimes i feel like i'm just trying to keep up with the day, instead of directing it, etc etc.
and then he started to get really logical and practical and everything he said made perfect sense.
why did i not think of this before?

he said that for him, it's easy. 
he shows up to work and he either has meetings or appointments or a list of to-dos.
his day is already [more-or-less] planned for him when he arrives at work
mine is exactly the opposite.
there's lots of un-named free time that can float away from me if i don't direct and appoint it.

so he suggested that maybe i should be more intentional about my day.
i don't usually have trouble getting the chores and errands and bills done...
it's the fun stuff that i'm missing out on.
so he says: put some things on your to-do list that are fun
that get us out of the house 
that break up the monotony.
and to consider them appointments:
go to the park
go for a walk
call a friend [who has a child] to come over and play
go outside [yes, i know how silly that sounds]
go to the zoo

if i don't do this thing and cross it off my to-do list, i have missed an appointment. 
[which is generally a bad thing]

so, that's why #3 is go to the park for at least 30-45 minutes

if i don't go to the park, i will have missed an appointment. 
and that's not good. 
as soon as the baby's up, we're packing up and heading out. 
[it's sooo windy right now, so i hope i don't chicken out]

i'll try to remember my camera so i can share our outing with you tomorrow.


  1. wow, i LOVE his advice. it was so centered on you and your needs. he was seeing you. so awesome, and his advice is very wise! i need to take it myself. thanks for sharing.

  2. i know, wasn't it just perfect? and so tailor-made, just for me. i felt so loved, in the simple receiving of advice [which i don't usually care for].


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