it's ever-evolving

the decor in my house, that is...

i hung a few more things last week, and i even found the perfect [for now] spot for my lovely hoop art that i won from Leslie. i plan to give it a permanent home on the wall, in a different location, but i need to finish up a few projects that are going to be displayed with it. i'll keep you posted on that. for now, it sits here in the dining room [which is functioning as a playroom while there's no table in it]. 

the bottom book was a graduation gift from my parents. they snuck onto my computer and downloaded every single paper i wrote in college [i was a history major. there were at least 1 to 4 papers per week]. and published them in this book. are you kidding me?!? it is priceless.

wondering if i should do this to the top two books [and lots of other books that i use as decor]. i might cover them in paper first, since they're actually new-ish books.

the little guy on the right was a ross find. it was a bright green, like the color of rusted copper. while i do love that color, it wasn't working for my decor-scheme. no problem. i sprayed some krylon avocado over it, sanded down the details and ended up with the perfect piece for this previously empty spot.

then i got this beauty in the mail and hung it here, across the sliding glass door from the green guy above. my husband even commented: "oh, i really like that. that's a perfect spot for it, too". that always makes me happy when he notices. i love this artist, and i'm already "favoriting" the other stuff i want to get from her. like these pillows!?!

and this little one helped me, of course :)


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  1. i love the way leslie's hoop art looks in your house. it's like it was meant to be! :)