had to share

well, even though i said i didn't want to finish my Breaking Free study, i did! and here's what i just had to share with you. i write in a prayer journal. and my prayer this morning started out like this: [copying straight from my journal... not something i'll do very often since these prayers are sacred and precious to me]
Lord God, You are creator of the heavens and the earth. Your timing is perfect. it is everything. so Lord, please be my strength as i wait on you... you are the EVERLASTING God. nothing surprises you, nothing is too difficult for you. You do not faint, You don't grow weary. help me to wait on You, and as i do, increase my strength that i might soar on wings like eagles.
and then i opened my last Breaking Free lesson, and you wouldn't believe the verse she asked us to look up and meditate on. i've made it pretty for you so it sticks in your mind. 

[feel free to print it out if you want, it's 5x7. just right click and save to your computer, then print]

and then, of course, the rest of the lesson was wonderful and meaningful and based on these verses. pretty sure God wanted to engrave this on my heart, since He prompted me to pray it out before i even opened my workbook for the last lesson. pretty sure He wants you to know it too :)

** if you want to print it, and it's looking a little blurry when you do, let me know. i'll email you a good, high resolution file :)


  1. Thanks for the encouragement:)

  2. And I am so meditating on these verses, I needed them today. The Lord used you to definitely speak to my heart, thank you dear friend:)

  3. Thank you for sharing this print. What an amazing verse that I definitely needed to read today. You did a beautiful job on it, and I'm going to print and frame it. Thank you!

  4. I love when God connects things like that for us! When our wayward hearts become doubtful, He so lovingly reminds us that He's there!