a berry sweet birthday

my little gal turned two this weekend. i can't even believe the time flies so quickly, but you guys know all about that, so i don't need to elaborate on the mystery of time... we had her birthday party with her cousin this year because their birthdays are two days apart and we have lots of mutual family. no sense in having everyone get together twice in one week, right? and you guys, my sis-in-law JoAnne did allll the work for this party. she runs a cute etsy shop [print it yourself invitations and party packs, or she'll print it for you] called Seaside Paper Company and she was inspired to do a "berry sweet" theme for our girls this year.  everything was beyond cute... see for yourself:

thank you aunt brenda [my hubby's aunt] for making the best cupcakes i've ever had. strawberry frosting. to die for, seriously. apparently she followed a sprinkles recipe. i probably ate 4. if you guys have a chuck e cheese or peter piper pizza [or something similar, that has pizza and arcade games] by all means have your child's birthday there. you spend as much money as you would if you held it at your own house, but there's no clean up and you don't have to plan any activities. your kids will have no idea you're actually taking the easy way out.

[all collages were made on picnik.com. you have to try them out if you haven't yet, seriously!]

and if you haven't watched her recite her Zephaniah 3:17 memory verse, you have to click here to watch it. so precious. too much. and totally TRUE.


oh, and i had to add these photos that my sis-in-law JoAnne just sent over. they show off the details much much better :)


  1. Can I just tell you that I love, love, love this post. This has to be one of the cutest girl birthday parties ever. I tell that a lot of time, effort, and love went into this.

  2. she is a doll !!! what a blessing she is in your life !

  3. Such a little sweetie! And the birthday party was amazing, I love the strawberries made out of polka dot paper. I'd love to know how to make them.

  4. Thanks girls :) like I said, I barely did any of the work. If I can, I'll find the template for the strawberries. We just cut them out and folded them, sooo easy!

  5. WOW!! everything was so cute!! especially reese :) her hair is so long for 2. that's lucky. and i love her enthusiasm for the veggies. your picnik collages rock, btw! awesome job in all things party and picnik!

  6. Awww...what a wonderful party! And I NEED to host my girls' parties elsewhere for a change: I swear every year theres so much prep and cleanup by having it at home!

  7. oh my goodnes....all of that looks fantastic! I will be planning a party soon and i can only hope it look as good as yours!


  8. You did a BEAUTIFUL job.. and she is so precious!!!

  9. Aw girls, you are too kind to me! My sis in law came up with the whole thing and I just glued and folded stuff! Ha!

    Sarah- the non-home party really was amazing. I'm so sure the cost was the same, too, so why not save yourself cleaning the house (twice, once before everyone gets there and then when they leave?!? Crazy!)

    April- just buy a party pack from my sis in law's shop. Then all the work is done! :)

    Kim- thank you! But again, I can't take credit :)

    Leslie- her hair IS long, I know... Picnik is super fun, have you tried it yet?

  10. The party was so cute! Wish we had gotten a pic of Jack and Reese together! ps-love picnik too! just recently discovered it...its great!