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maximize your mornings

hi friends! have you all heard of the "Inspired to Action" blog? i ran across it a few months ago and i love it. Kat is challenging and full of practical solutions for moms... the biggest thing she advocates is to "maximize your mornings" which is a challenge to wake up before your kids, have your devotional/quiet time, workout time, and plan-the-day time. before they even wake up.

i definitely want to do this everyday. i typically do some sort of Bible reading daily, whether it's flipping through my 3x5 cards or reading through a day in my chronological Bible while my daughter eats breakfast, or maybe i wait until naptime to do the whole routine... and most days i have some time that's quiet to just pray [in the shower, during naptime, in the car]. but for about a year, i have wanted to be intentional about doing it in the morning before everyone wakes up, before i have to put my mom hat on.

Kat has set up a "maximize your mornings" challenge where you can sign up with lots of other women whose goal is the same: to maximize their mornings. you either sign up for the twitter or facebook method [i'm doing twitter] and you tweet when you wake up [as close to your goal wake up time as possible. mine is 6am]. this keeps you accountable, because everyone will be looking for you and waiting for you to "check in". that's exactly what i need. some accountability. from people i don't know, so they'll be less likely to let me slide, you know?

do you want to join me? head over to Kat's blog and sign up. you can fill in your timezone and your desired wake up time, so it works for you. the goal is not to discourage or make it impossible for you. the goal is to make it work, so you keep doing it.

if you have ever had some sort of morning routine where you are in the Word and in prayer before you officially start the day, you know it makes all the difference in your attitude, your patience, your productivity. you are kinder, happier, more relaxed and prepared for whatever life throws at you. because you're filled with the Spirit. that's how we were meant to live. i'll be posting more on this tomorrow. i can't wait :)


  1. My grandmother (a catholic) used to get up at 4:00am every morning. She would sit at the kitchen table with her coffee, and hand-write bible verses and prayers and read her bible. Literally, every single day, for DECADES. She had book after book, filled completely.

    I thought she was crazy. 4:00am?!

    But she was also a beautiful, Godly woman.

    So maybe you're right and there was more to it :O).

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am going to check this out, it sounds like such a great idea! I am like you... Most days I read my bible, and I shoot for the mornings, but sometimes it's more like noon and sometimes it's night time, and sometimes it doesn't happen at all. I would love to have an intentional time, a real quiet time, to spend with the Lord. And, of course, before the kiddos wake up seems like a good time to give all my attention to Jesus. But my kids wake up at 6 AM! Ahhhh!


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