MIA & some yummy food

i guess you've noticed that i haven't been around much? well, i'm letting myself take a break [or at least slow down a little] and be okay with it. i've been on vacation and been catching up on laundry and taking lots of naps [more on that later this week]. but, i managed to edit some really old photos, to show you a couple yummy ideas:

first up, smoked salmon, bagels and cream cheese. [and capers and onions]. this is one of my all-time favorite meals. you have to like raw fish, of course, but honestly i could eat this every day. cut up some bagels, spread cream cheese, top with salmon and capers and onions if you like the extra pop of flavor.

and then of course homemade microwaved popcorn. barely any calories, and so yummy. i love that i know all the ingredients that go into this. did you know that regular microwaved popcorn that you buy in the pouches is one of the worst foods you can possibly eat? true story. so here's a just-as-simple, but sooo-much-better-for-you alternative. [this has been floating around blog world, so don't credit me with the idea. i'm sure i found it here but i don't have the exact post].


i'll be back on friday for sure. until then, enjoy your summer! 
it couldn't be more beautiful out here in san diego :)


  1. ok Aly....we will have to agree to disagree. When I worked at Manchester Grand downtown we served the capers/onions/salmon with the cream cheese and bagels in the Regency Club for breakfast.... made me want to vomit...every. day. Of course it was like a 530am shift and the smell of onions and capers at that hour- barf. but I still love you. dont worry :-) i do love the popcorn idea though :-)

  2. no problem with me, it's seriously one of my all-time favorites! i'd eat it for breakfast too :) and do try the popcorn! yummy, low-cal snack thats sooo much better than the pouch!

  3. hmm. i'm iffy on the lox too. my fav bagel has cream cheese, avocado and garlic salt. ;) also, i did NOT know you could microwave regular popcorn!! good to know!!

  4. My husband is laughing at me now because I just told him "Did you know you can pop your own popcorn kernels in a paper bag?" And he said something like, "Yes, what do you think that microwave popcorn is?" Ooookay, well call me blonde but this is a totally new idea to me. And I'm gonna try it! Thanks for sharing.