revelation song

well, it's sort of funny that i'm posting this. remember how i wrote about this just a few weeks ago? how i had been singing the solo for "revelation song" for awhile, and then our director had someone else sing it? and how that was totally okay with me? well, for whatever reason, we sang it again this past sunday and he had me do the solo :) of course, i did as i was told. and of course i loved singing it again.

someone a few weeks ago suggested that i post an actual video of me singing, instead of just photos... so i'm obliging.

** this post is newly updated since our services now on vimeo! yay! the video is embedded right here on the page... you can either watch the whole thing or you can scroll to about 17:00 minutes

p.s. my dress = $15 at Ross. i have 2 more in the same style but different pattern. isn't it perfect for church singing? 


  1. you are amazing friend! we watched on Sunday and all day this song was stuck {in a good way} in my head (and Sean's too...its his all-time favorite). love u!

  2. beautiful! and what a pretty church.

    and you are adorable. xo

  3. you are so cute. that dress is ah-dorable on you. red belt is perfect! i love hearing you sing. wow, your voice!! thanks for sharing with your fans!

  4. What a gift He has given you! Thank you for sharing it. The dress is incredible!