suggested reading for the weekend

this week i haven't spent much time writing, as you can tell. only one post and it was quite un-insightful at that. i've spent lots of time reading, though. following along with the Compassion bloggers as they took their trip to the Philippines and wrote about it every day. and also lots of other stuff.

two fridays ago, left you with a few posts that i had loved during the week, and today i'll do the same [maybe this will be a new Friday thing? we'll see...]

1) i highlighted her last week, and she's back again. Serena Woods "The Mirror Is a Liar". its about grace, and pride, and our desperate attempt to make ourselves worthy even though we never will be. not without Christ.

2) Katy writes about "Tornadoes and Such". about God's sovereignty in it all. so good.

3) Emily's "How Stickers Can Change The World". you could read all the posts from all the Compassion bloggers in the Philippines right now, sure. and i'd recommend that you do [just click that link above, and scroll down a bit. you'll see them all there]... but, if you could just read one, it would be anything that Emily has written about it. because i just love the way she writes and you will, too. this one [by Emily] is also amazing: "What About the Kids in Our Own Country?" 

i'll be totally honest, i would love to do this some day: serve, even if just for a week, in a third-world country. have my eyes opened and my heart broken, and then re-formed in ways i could never prepare for... but for now, i know what i need to do next. i've already talked to my husband about it. and of course he was hesitant, knowing that in my heart i'd really want to sponsor 25 children [he knows me too well]. but right now, he agreed, we can definitely figure out how to sponsor one. it's going to take sacrifice and work that i wouldn't usually feel like doing [if it weren't a matter of life and death for these kids]. you know, looking through our budget to see where we can save $38. that part won't take long. but then to actually do it. actually save the $38 and send it to a child who desperately needs to be rescued "from" poverty. not physically, but mentally and spiritually, through the work of Compassion. it will be worth saying no to the latte and new shirt i grab at target almost every time i walk in for just shampoo and paper towels, you know? [i know you all do this, too... don't you?] after reading this post about the work that Compassion really does, it will be more than worth it. they are amazing, you guys.


  1. excited to meet you too girl! Just mix the batter according to the box, dip in the oreos one at a time, cover and place into cupcake tin {with liners} :)
    soooo easy!!

  2. love these words today. miss you. lets make a lunch date soon!!