potty training [day 2]

i know that lots of you who are about to read this are going to be very disappointed. you'll tell me that she's definitely old enough, definitely ready, and i need to just push through.

but honestly, she has not gone in the potty successfully ONCE in two whole days. she would literally rather go on the floor. that's just not sanitary for any of us and my house is starting to smell.

this is why i'm stopping...

12:08pm :
i can tell she has to go.
i try to put her on the potty
she says "no, no! i don't wanna go potty!"
and runs away, into the office
[this is where i praise the Lord for wood floors in this room]
and pees on the floor
i grab her and set her on the potty
where she finishes, undies on.
apparently you're supposed to reward even if they go a tiny bit in the potty,
even if it began as an "accident"
um, i still had to clean up a huge puddle and trail of pee on the floor...
doesn't seem like success to me?
oh well, she got her fruit snacks.
but someone tell me why she refuses, tearfully, with lots of yelling, to go in the potty?

because we have had two days of ONLY accidents, i'm giving up. for a few weeks at least. putting the potty away where she can't see it. not going to talk about it for awhile. we'll just move on like nothing ever happened. let her [and me] get over the trauma of the past two days and then we'll try again fresh.

she's currently asleep with a pull-up on. when she wakes up, we will be going straight to the store to buy diapers. and carpet cleaner.


  1. I can totally understand your frustration. My third child was a nightmare to potty train. It took at least 5 months - soooo NOT joking. Oh the poop stories I could tell you. Its your kid, do what works for you. And pray, God will help you through. But Praise God, He got me through those days I knew I couldn't get through on my own.


  2. I feel for you!!! My daughter was trained at age two, but my son is now 25 months and we haven't even started training him yet! I'm scared to, because I know he's going to resist! You have courage to have even tried. Don't be too hard on yourself! Try again when you're ready.

  3. you know what? i've never met a 13 yr. old who didn't master potty training:)

    i have 3 darlings, and all of them are different. my oldest trained himself after seeing cool "big boy" undies at the store. my second one was a little more involved.

    btw, did you know that the "average" age of being potty trained is 2yr.9mo. for girls, and 3yr.3mo. for boys? i use the term "average" loosely, but...most importantly, don't stress. if she is 3 1/2 yrs old before she is ready to be trained...does it really matter? i think not. don't beat yourself up over it.