queen bee market

in case you hadn't heard, there's another Queen Bee Market next weekend. it's coinciding with the BlogHer conference that's downtown that same weekend. i will be there, selling lots of fun things, including a new style of felt flower that i love and some yarn wreaths! if you're local-ish [like within 6 hours driving distance], make sure you come. you will not be disappointed!

* oh AND they're putting together a great raffle: if you bring a canned food, you get one ticket. bring ten, you get ten tickets. this enters you to win an awesome prize basket filled with awesome stuff from the various vendors that will be there, including me! can't beat that! so bring your cans :)

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  1. hey! aug. 6th is my birthday! may it bring you luck;) since i am no where in the area (like 3000 miles away), do let us know how it goes!