suggested reading for the weekend [#3]

woah. this one is good. that's why i listed it first, because you have to read it immediately. oh, and it's about sex. called "to love their husbands" by layla at you are my (he)art. 

and then we have jon acuff's "the god in our heads". i think we all get caught up here sometimes. that somehow we believe serving God is always and only going to hard and horrible and exactly what we've always dreaded. 

and this one from an (in)courage contributor Mindi Headrick, called "Poptarts in Paradise"

it reminded me of this post i wrote [originally as a guest post for leslie], wondering why i do things i shouldn't, when i know better and when i should have it figured out by now... but really it's all about more of Him who is the giver of all fruit: patience, kindness, goodness, self-control. we can't do it without Him but we think we should be able to, for some reason.


  1. i like how you do these suggested reading posts :) thanks for finding all the good stuff and then passing on the links! looking forward to reading them this weekend.

  2. thank you! you are too kind. my husband asked me if i was going to check in with all the women who've read the post :) i told him i was going to leave that up to the Holy Spirit.