random facts...

because all the cool kids are doing it...

1) i'm 5'2". pretty short.
2) up until about a year ago, i considered myself "dark blond". you guys, my hair is definitely brown. not sure what i was thinking.
3) i have a history degree
4) i taught fifth grade for one year
5) my husband and i are trying (for the tenth time) a cash-only budget. going okay so far.
6) besides the etsy shop, i do have a part-time (from home) "real job", working for my parents' software company. i do tech support and customer service-type stuff.
7) i am so slooooow. when it comes to projects, crafting, cleaning, really anything. i move at a snail's pace. it doesn't help that i'm a perfectionist [at the crafty stuff, not the homemaking, unfortunately]
8) when i was younger, i'm pretty sure i had a mild form of tourette's syndrome, or something similar. it sort of just faded out in my adult-hood.
9) the only surgery or hospital stay i've ever had was my c-section.
10) my husband and i started officially "dating" on october 10th 1999, a few weeks into his freshman year [my sophomore year] of high school. neither of us could drive for another year. we broke up/"went on a break" about 7 or 8 times before finally getting engaged in 2004 [at 19] and married in 2005 [at 20]. Lord help us if our kids try to do the same.

what about you? any random or silly or fun facts you want to divulge in the comments? i'd love to read them!


  1. Great list! I just found your blog (can't remember how). I'm impressed that you are able to have not one but TWO "work at home" jobs! I work at home for 10 hours a week and have a 4.5 month old and am having a hard time figuring it out. Any words of wisdom? :-)

    P.S. Coming from a "dark blonde", I'd call you brown! But I've always wanted brown hair. :-)

  2. you are adorable!!
    i am a perfectionist in housework and not crafting:)
    history was always one of my favorite subjects!
    my husband and i had a six month break up after dating for four years. we got back together, engaged and married. woot!


  3. I love you! I have a sociology degree, my hair has been every color and I'm not a perfectionist at anything! hahaha

  4. ok, i'm gonna have to do a list. i like lists. thanks for sharing. ;)

  5. i'm only 5'4!! we can be short together.

  6. Josh and I have been doing the cash only budget thing for a couple years. It definitely takes getting used too but now our finances are worlds different. We read the book By Dave Ramsey called Financial Peace University. Have your read it?