redemption song

i love the lyrics to this song so much. it renews my hope. and my strength when waiting gets hard. i want to write songs like this when i grow up. and her voice is so soothing i can't stand it. [listen below]

Voice of mercy, breath of God
Life from life sustaining us
Earth below and skies above
Beautiful redemption’s song

Melodies like morning rise
Darkness leaning toward the dawn 
Into our sorrow sings the light
Beautiful redemption song

Hallelujah, love is come
Hallelujah, God with us
Hope restored and death undone
Beautiful redemption song
Beautiful redemption song

Weeping will not last the night
Nor will sadness be for long
Joy was born of sacrifice
Beautiful redemption song

Let the wounded come and see
Empty grave and lifted stone 
Sinners saved and captives, free
Beautiful redemption song
Beautiful redemption song

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  1. I have never heard of this song -- or this artist! Thanks for sharing!