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12 years

i totally forgot to post about this earlier today...

october 10, 1999 my husband and i "officially" became boyfriend/girlfriend, much to the dismay of the many other freshman & sophomore girls who were hoping to catch his eye [it was a month into the school year, he was new at school, everyone liked him, but he liked me]. i remember that sunday night like it was yesterday. we were on the phone, as usual, and i was laying on my stomach on the bed, facing the closet... just enamored with the conversation, i'm sure. i love having conversations with him still. and he said the dreaded: "so, what are we?"... i said i didn't know, that i would let him decide, and he said "well, i guess we're official". the next day we put signs on our lockers that said "official", just in case anyone was wondering.

so it's been 12 years. and i'm only 27 [he's still 26 for another few weeks!] i know we're not the only ones who met so young, but it's rare, right?

we spent this evening reading through the notes he wrote me in high school... you know, because that's what you did in high school- you wrote notes to people.

so anyway, i thought it would be fun to post some of the "100 reasons why I love you" that i wrote for him for our first dating anniversary in 2000. i got a kick out of them, and figured you all would too :)

1. because you love me
3. the way your blue or green shirts bring out your gorgeous eyes
7. you think i have the most beautiful voice
10. the way we laugh all the time because you are so hilarious
14. you have perfect feet
17. because you've never shaved
20. because you always try to cheer me up or make me laugh, but really, you just look dumb :)
26. the way you compliment me all the time and mean it
33. because of how cute you are when you get excited in football
36. whenever you earn money, you want to spend it all on me
38. how you surprise me with m&ms at lunch
42. how cute you are after you lift weights and then want me to feel your muscles
50. how you get goosebumps at that one part in "Rocky"
56. how you brush your teeth so fast
61. how you think you don't deserve me
68. the way you called random people to get my summer reading
74. how you get excited about our future
80. because you ask for my  help with your homework and think i'm the smartest person alive
84. how you always help me see the good in things
89. how you get worried when i forget to call you RIGHT when i get home
93. how you always want to spend all your money on me, whenever you get it [did you notice i repeated this one... i'm not really a gift person, but maybe i was back then?]
97. how you freak out when you get like 5 zits [because i had a lot more than that, at all times]
98. how you finish my sentences...

kinda fun, huh? i hope you're enjoying the old photos of us, too [and me holding them with no makeup on in terrible fluorescent lighting! i have no shame]. i'm really bummed i couldn't find the stash of photos that i have of us from high school, including our very first photo which was taken at his grandpa's birthday, 12 years ago TODAY, the first day i met his entire family [talk about intimidating. i was painfully shy and there were a lot of people] so these are the only few i could find. maybe i'll update this post in the future if i can ever find them and get decent shots of them...

out of my high school scrapbook... he was fixing my shoe in the lower left. this was our junior/senior banquet, sort of like the prom [but no dancing]

here's an excerpt from one of those notes he wrote me [unedited, to include the spelling mistakes]:
Get exited I am writing you aletter. I don't have anything to tell you, so I will just tell you how I feel about us. 5 months going on 6, wow!! It's been so saverly great. I enjoy being around you so much.... there is NO 6 month rule, Tina only wishes. Anyway, I like you so much you don't even understsand. I've never felt this way about anyone... I love you. Yes I know I said it. And that's how I feel about us. So good night.
Love Joel Christopher
[and that's the first time he told me he loved me. in a note that he gave me at school... don't you love it?! by the way, because you're wondering, i didn't say it back for a couple months] 

aaaand he just walked in and told me this was a silly thing to blog about. ha!

anyway, thanks for humoring me...


  1. Awww, happy anniversary!

    I think it's such a testament to God's great grace and choosing to love that you have been able to build and sustain a relationship since high school. I hope you have many many wonderful years to come!

  2. Not a silly thing to blog about by a long shot! I loved reading it. Makes me want to dig out the notes my friends wrote me in high school. Congratulations on 12 years!!!

  3. i totally don't think this is a silly thing to blog about!! i love reading stuff like that!!

  4. okay i am literally cracking up! this is too funny but in all happy for y'all!!!

  5. haha i love it!! it's so cute :) congrats on 12 years...y'all make a precious little couple!

  6. I love it! I don't have a story like this (met my hubby in 2004, started dating in 2005, married in 2006), but my sister and her hubby celebrated 10 years a few days ago... they also met when she was 15 and they just got married 2.5 years ago. :-) So sweet! It is rare!


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