enabling your email

[edited/enhanced & reposted, because i think it's really important & leslie's post reminded me of it]

okay, so obviously it's fun to get comments on your blog posts... but even more fun than that is being able to reply directly back to the person who left the comment. with blogger, you can enable your email address on your profile so that when you comment on someone's blog, they can actually email you back a direct reply! if you don't know how to enable your email, i'll show you how:

first log in to blogger.com
you'll see your "dashboard" 
click on one of your photos either in the top right or top left:

once you're at your profile, click on "edit profile"

then click on "show my email address"

that enables your email on comments so that the blog owner can reply to you :)
it also puts this link on your profile [pictured below]
it doesn't really "show" your actual email address anywhere, except in the email that the blog owner receives when you leave a comment [just like any other email you'd send to someone would show your email address.]

that's it! it's really easy, but it will make bloggers everywhere so happy when they can reply to you. i think most people will tell you that's the best part of blogging: actually interacting and developing relationships with readers. anyway, take it or leave it, [but i hope you take it]!


  1. Yes, thank you for sharing this! I have a link that I share with people because I love to directly reply to the comments. But I am going to link them to you now, since I read your blog. Thanks for sharing this tutorial! Blessings!

  2. THANK YOU! So glad you shared this… I just realized my email wasn’t coming up either! LOL! I need a Blogging for Dummies class! XoXo

  3. Thank you for showing this! I'm a new follower..