InstaFriday [#2]

well it's my second week, going strong! here's our week 
[starting from last friday, since they happened after i posted last week]

friday morning we got ready, picnic lunch and all, to go visit daddy at work. he works at a high school, one block from the beach. it's gorgeous. [you'll see further down]

we didn't get any photos with daddy, but here we are at the park next door to the school. 
sidenote: i just love her bow. so sweet and feminine. i don't have any for sale, but they're fun to make!

and here's the view, just one short block away from the school. i'm jealous, i'll be honest. he says it's always gloomy down there, but this gorgeous day proved him wrong!

that evening, since daddy had to scout a football game, we headed down to coronado [another beach] with my parents. burger lounge, starbucks, walking the beach, 
and stopping into the Hotel Del made for a lovely evening :)
[plus i think she looked pretty darn cute!]

bad quality, sorry. the sun had almost set at this point...

i absolutely LOVE that her favorite new thing is coloring. she concentrates. i can sit her here for at least 30-45 minutes without so much as a peep from her. 

which helps me get stuff like this finished up:
for my niece who's a flower girl this weekend :)

yes, i am sort of boasting here... but just look at all these eggs. 1-2 days fresh out of the chicken coop. my inlaws have a bunch of chickens, free-roaming [literally, all over the yard], so we get fresh eggs whenever we need them! if you buy organic eggs, you know how expensive they are!

we're hosting halloween at our house this year. nothing fancy, just chili & cornbread and a few yummy desserts... paper plates and plastic table covers. really, nothing blogworthy. 
but i'm proud of myself for starting early. 
[my sweet sis-in-law is letting me use her super cute halloween printables though, 
so i think the set-up will be pretty awesome once it all comes together.] 

and my favorite thing? this came last night.
talk about a good mail day, huh?

i absolutely LOVE it! the size is perfect, and the graphics are totally adorable. 
i could not be more excited about it. 
[plus the fact that i got a $50 gift card for only $25 on One King's Lane doesn't hurt. 
that got me the planner for about $37 (including shipping). yay!]

if you don't know about One King's Lane, just click here to sign up. it's a promotional sort of site with all kinds of awesome deals going on at all times, on seriously *great* stuff! 
[that link is an affiliate link, so i get credit off you sign up through it, just FYI. it's free for you, though.]

overall, i'd call it a good week! [especially when you consider the yumminess i showed you in this post. i didn't include it here because i thought that would be redundant]

have a good weekend, friends!

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  1. Love looking at these little glimpses of your life! Do you live in CA? I used to love in San Diego and I miss it :( I just discovered instagram a couple of weeks ago and I love it.. I wish those filters were on ps elements :)

  2. Any beach sounds good to me at this point!!!! I do not like cold!!! But its here and I will survive somehow!!!

    Those eggs look amazing!! We use to be into the chicken business but now its goats!!

    Happy Friday and Go RANGERS!!!!!

  3. We live in San Diego and we have the same menu planned for Halloween. : ) I am jealous of those eggs that you get...awesome!

  4. Those are fantastic pictures. I love how crafty you are. Congratulations on the little one joining you in February. New follower from follower fest.